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Chocolate down the centuries

It was in central america that "xoxoalt", the ancestor of the chocolate we know and love today was born.

As early as 400 A..D., the mayas were growing cocoa trees, which they believed to be a gift the Gods.
The drink was made from their beans was prized for its health-giving properties.
It was also drunk during certain rituals, such as weddings and funerals.

Around 1300, Aztec warriors are known ti have taken choclate to ward off exhaustion.

Cocoa beans were a precious commodity and used as  aform of currency.
However, when Christopher Columbus  discovered America, he threw the cocoa beans he had been given to him by the Amerindians overboard.
It is thought he mistook them for goat droppings!.

It was not until the Industrial Revolution that chocolate became affordable for all classes in society. The first chocolate factories appeared in the early XIXth century in Europe and the first chocolate bars in the early 1920s.

Thus began a period of huge popularity which has never waned.




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